BALI, The Island of The Gods

Bali is a soul searching destination evoking a deeper spiritual invitation to explore one's existence and universal purpose. Deep, I know. Once I arrived it felt like I was in a different dimension, a complete different world, and I was intrigued. There was a change of perspective instantly kicking in within my senses. The universe was nudging me to move out of what I knew as a comfort zone and into a higher state of thought by diving into a unexpected and spontaneous adventure having no idea what to expect. Bali is known as "The Island of the Gods" and does not disappoint with the given name. There are unreal beaches and sought after surf spots, light and dark energies at every corner turned ( on a moped, which is way to get around in this jungle), artistic craftsmanship omnipresent with temples, local artisans, and the most incredible food made into decadent edible pieces of art. Creativity, spirituality, and simplicity are present in the atmosphere of this island. Life is simple in Bali, the locals show you that less is more. Unlike the western perspective of happiness of always searching for materialized external factors or instant gratification, the island's inhabitants full smiles, yet empty pockets triggered an eye opening realization, that it is not how much you have that makes you happy, but what you make of it. With just enough, the locals greet you with generosity and genuine warmth. 

While on this adventure, I got to explore parts of the island including, Seminyak, Canggu, Ubud, and Uluwatu. The food was absolutely a highlight of my stay since that my favorite thing to do, with super fresh ingredients and produce crafted into nutritious bouquets of healing food. There were so many vegan options, some of my favorite places to eat  : Peloton Supershop, Milk & Madu, Shady Shack, and Koi.

These are the two Bali dogs that came with a Villa stayed in for the last couple weeks I was visiting. A Bali dog is it's own breed to the island, called Kintamani. I would see several little wolf packs of wild strays all over. It kind of broke my heart to see the significant number or strays in Bali, I wanted to take every other pup I saw home. 

Uluwatu was a really beautiful sight. While I was in Bali I booked a bridal shoot that was shot on the edge of a cliff over looking one of the popular surf spots there. The sunsets in Bali are insane.

And of all the places in Bali I visited, the one place I travelled to that left the most impact was within. I entered this experience looking for something I thought I lost, myself. The real voyage of this discovery was not in seeking new landscapes, but having new eyes. My perspective changed and the past ideas and experiences morphed into a new sight and light.



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