BALI so far xo

This is a blog update on my move to Bali. It hasn't even been a month and I already feel like I've experienced so much within myself. From energy here, the local people and all the people from all over the world that are drawn here, I'm learning and growing at a rapid pace. This is exactly what I asked the Universe for, a growing experience to expand my mind and heart. I just celebrated my birthday here, another year wiser, and am grateful for where I'm at in life. 
There's so many cool and hip places to check out in Bali. I celebrated my birthday at The Lawn in Canggu, its newly renovated with a new built in pool to enjoy a coconut while you watch the surf.
I also got to venture out of Bali to a small island called Gili Trawangan. It was amazing in the way that you are taken back to slower times, there are no cars or scooters, you must get around by horse and carriage or bicycle. I'm working on a vlog (video blog) with the footage and adventures I gathered on this cool little island, coming soon!
I've also embraced the simplicity of Bali and letting go. Since the island is so humid and you are jumping on a scooter racing around theres no need or time for hair and makeup. Embracing my island mane and not wearing makeup feels so good. I've been researching about many beauty products that we girls put on our face and how much harsh chemicals we absorb from makeup. It's insane!! I had no idea or I wasn't conscious of what's actually in the products we use that affects not only our skin, but other internal factors, even our mentality. That's a whole other blog post in itself. By the way, ladies or gents please tell me what you would like to hear about in the comments below!
I also booked my first job being back in Bali! It was so fun, I got to shoot at a insanely beautiful villa thats used for wedding celebrations. I was a bride for the day, all dolled up as a fairy princess. This is probably my 30th time being a bride since I do a lot of bridal jobs haha.
Since I've been here I haven't felt homesick one bit. I've realized something. 
HOME. You've heard "Home is where the heart is." It's not a place or another person. You are home, home is within you. Friends and family may be the bricks of your foundation as support. Memories hang as photos on the walls of your mind. Your eyes are windows to see the outside world. Your heart is the fireplace of passion and love to keep you warm. Home is knowing; knowing your mind, knowing your heart, knowing your courage. If we know ourselves, we are always home, ANYWHERE⚓️❤️


  • Bali has always attracted me but I couldn’t put my finger on exactly why. I’ve seen beautiful beaches of SE Asia and got some spiritual time in at the temples, but my mind was always running. So fast paced. I came to realize that I wanted some ME time to connect within and mentally/physically adhere to my body’s message ..which is telling me to slow down. I’ve always wanted to check out Bali, and was wondering how has moving there helped you mentally? What to expect during my short stay in a Bali? Thanks!

    Kimmaly Santhavi
  • Home is anywhere you are. Beautifully put!!! Xox. ?

    Gwyneth Faye

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