A L O H A & M A H A L O

Let's begin by defining these prominent Hawaiian words that represent the ancient Hawaiian culture and values. Here are the internet's definition of both.

Now, that is the very basic denotation of these words. There is so much more to the literal definition that misses the idea and feelings that the words represent. The literal definitions above reveal when these words should be used, as hello or goodbye when you meet or depart someone and as saying thank you to show your gratitude to someone. Aloha involves love, affection, spirit, and goodness. And like love, aloha cannot just be explained with words, only by experience. The spiritual and in-depth meaning, which has to do with the divine is one that takes more understanding with experiencing the spirit. 

Some things aren't meant to be "defined", rather used to do it's best to portray an emotional transfer of a feeling that is indescribable. Aloha is a hello just as much it is a goodbye, and can also mean I love you, with the most sincerest expression of love. When saying Mahalo it's not just "thank you" that you are saying. It represents an understanding and respect for all that is given to us, showing appreciation and the utmost gratitude to beings, (mother)nature, and God. 

CocoSirens wants to embody the essence of the spiritual meaning of Aloha & Mahalo. Providing content of attained knowledge with truth and honesty through art, beauty, creation, travel, and of course, food. 

With that being said, this blog's main purpose is to do it's best to embody the truest meaning of love & gratitude.


Aloha & Mahalo, 



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