Instagram vs. Reality. The dangers of perceiving Instagram as Reality.

When it comes to Instagram, don't believe everything you see. Looking at life through a filter can really affect your mood, self esteem, and alter your perception of what is real and what is not. A lot of the time the photo has been altered or staged. I've seen first hand some of the locations that are popular on Instagram that are actually super crowded and not as picturesque. And, some photos are taken with expensive cameras and edited on a computer in photoshop lightroom for hours.

For my Instagram I never alter my body or skin, I do however use some filters from an app called VSCO. Although I do post some professionally taken modeling pictures. There are certain angles and poses that can accentuate curves of the body and lighting is also a major factor. Remember most pictures on Instagram use a wide variety of these tactics to get the shot. 

These amazing travel destinations on Instagram that we scroll through and compare our lives to do not look exactly like that. It's so important to remember that Instagram is a highlight reel of what people want you to see of their lives, they are creating a perception of themselves, how they want to be seen. Don't let Instagram influence your mood or self confidence. Especially when it comes to comparing your body to a girl on Instagram, there are certain angles, lighting, body tuning apps, that they are using to alter the image.

This frustrates me because I have a younger sister who has body image issues and I know there are 12 years old girls on Instagram today looking up to these girls who post ass shots, thinking that's how they should look or act.

I've attached photos here to show Instagram vs. Reality. 

So please, don't believe everything you see on social media or let it affect how you see yourself. Don't make harsh judgements on your body or feel bad about yourself because you aren't traveling as much as you want to these filtered Instagram destinations. Question everything. Question if the photo has been altered, the lighting, the posing, if it's staged, question! It's not all what it seems. Don't allow it to affect your mood or confidence. 

No one is as perfect as their Instagrams perceive them to be, I am not perfect.

The validation from likes and followers can become an unhealthy obsession that leads to a negative lifestyle.

Research has suggested a link between spending extended time on social media and experiencing negative mental health outcomes. New evidence suggests that whether it’s distracted attention from using multiple social media outlets or the emotional consequences of a negative online experience, it’s the quality—not so much the quantity—of social media engagement that may affect mood and well-being.

By using multiple social media platforms, you are three times more likely at risk for depression and anxiety versus someone who doesn't use social media.

Everyone enjoys the occasional good post, but when these posts become an obsession, we have to step away from our phones and realize the truth behind the matter.

I'm making an effort to not spend so much time on my phone. When I am on social media is will be strategic and focused, not out of boredom or using it as an escape from the real world. 

And here's a tip, scroll through your feed, notice the emotions and what you think as posts show up, and if you feel bad when you see a photo, unfollow that page. Follow people and pages that bring you inspiration and positivity, or teach you something new. Use social media as an advantage, not a disadvantage. 

Watch this video of how social media can rule our worlds

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