Life after Quarantine.

I'm sitting here thinking of what it will be like when the quarantine has been lifted. It keeps getting extended and to be honest it's starting to get me stir crazy. Before this I was pushing forward with making moves in my career on the go, having things to do constantly. Also looking back you really don't know what you've got until it's gone. Think about it, the simple freedom of going outside or to the beach to enjoy some sunshine. Or being able to meet friends and actually hug them, having a nice glass of wine at your favorite bar, an oat latte from your favorite coffee shop, going to a concert or sporting event, being in a big crowd of people dancing and having a fun time.

How life has already changed in quarantine with your pleasures, luxuries, and freedoms taken away. We've been caged and now know what an animal at the zoo may feel like that can't run free. I've definitely been feeling restless, antsy, and at times bored just trying to get creative with ways to keep myself occupied. In times like these, desperate times, it puts pressure to create things outside of the box because you are forced out of your comfort zone. That comfort zone might of been a steady paycheck, having a gym to go to, or having all the distractions that kept you busy.

What I have noticed is that we are taking more time to reach out to our loved ones to check up on them. We are putting more effort in taking care of ourselves by cooking at home, staying active, reading, and reflecting on what really matters. It's so easy to get caught up on the negatives and trying to stalk the news with any updates and information with what is happening during this time. So we are also working on staying positive. 

I've thought of the first thing I'll want to do. Somethings come to mind, like go straight to the beach, go eat out at my favorite restaurant, I'm in dire need of getting a manicure, where is the first place I'll want to travel when I can? Then I realized these are just surface silly things, I had to ask myself again on a deeper level of understanding how life will be altered after quarantine, because it will never be the same. Everything has changed, I want to say for the better. We will be better, won't we?

I foresee many positive unintended outcomes after this life halting and altering event.

Some changes I'm going to predict and hope for

1) Globally the environment has already seen a positive impact by the quarantine. Waters are clearer and there is less pollution in some of the most populated cities. This is something I really hope will continue because we were really on our way to destruction, but now with this glimmer of hope we must band together and continue our efforts. 

2) Rise in online dating. Due to social distancing people were still interested in finding someone to love on despite the pandemic, love will always exist and be a necessity, but the way of finding it may change because of it. As some of you know I'm writing a book to come out this summer on how to find love in today's world using technology and online dating to your advantage. I see many positives of this approach because it allows people to connect on a deeper level providing a space to be more vulnerable mentally and setting a stronger foundation with communicating.

3) People being more compassionate and present. Because things like hugging or even hanging out with friends and family was taken away it made people realize how much they needed that. Again until something is taken away you don't know what you've got. The simple conversations that we would usually be half listening looking down at our phones are missed and I hope we make more of an effort to be present to intentionally listening and treasuring our relationships instead of taking them for granted.

4) This is the future. Things were forced to change digitally because of the lock down and lack of physical human interaction. We will become more flexible and sophisticated in how we intermix the use of technology in our daily lives. This could be a good thing if we maintain a healthy digital lifestyle. Run your device, don't let it run you.

What I do think is this will bring us together, globally, because it's not just affecting you, or me, or just certain people of age, race it's the entirety of the human race despite color, status, religion or age. I'm hoping this will diminish our separateness and we evolve into a more compassionate, kind, and loving world. 

I predict that this will create a technologically resourceful society that's more mindful of ourselves and of our surroundings. At the same time let's be so present that not a moment goes by that we aren't grateful for what's happening for us, not to us.

Here is an article by Politico that goes more in depth with the changes foreseen by big thinkers I enjoyed

Thank you for stopping by and taking time to read. 

Let's evolve mindfully.




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