Remind me Why.

As I'm about to launch my clothing line, I've been feeling some resistance that's been weighing and holding me down. And when feelings like this arise, I wait a minute and ask myself, Why? "Why" is the question which exposes purpose, the reasons why something exists or is done. This should be asked when self doubt clouds the mind and you are triggered by something, often times difficult bumps in the road that could alter the desired path or outcome, which often creates detours in another direction. We tend to be reactive by nature and don't consider the question of "why" before actioning. What if you asked yourself why do you do what you do?

No. 1 Rule

If you ask yourself why do I do what I do and your answer is for the money. There's a chance that you will be successful and reach the goal of accumulating money, but will it sustainable? You want to focus on longevity. If you are doing it for the money you are doing it for the wrong reason. It's just not a good enough reason. It won't withstand to give that motivational force to keep going because money is an instant gratification. Ever hear money comes and money goes? Something that gives off instant gratification isn't seen as worthy or as satisfying as something that takes hard work over time. If you are looking for lasting results the why has go deeper to your core, it must to be more rooted than that.

No. 2 Rule

Why do you work? Why do you wake up? This why goes to the heart of who you are. This will keep you motivated to keep going when times is tough, in the long run, to keep moving forward even when you trip up time to time. Oh, and there will be some falling, it's good to learn how to fall and get yourself back up, dust yourself off. That this reason is bigger than you. This is where I remind myself it's not about me, it has nothing to do with me. Separate my ego from the matter to stay grounded and rooted. 

I remember how and why I started. I was becoming aware of exploitations in the fashion industry. I was actually looking for some cute and comfortable conscious clothing. I started researching fibers that were used in history by ancient civilizations. During that exploration I found out about a fabric called Ramie (pronounced Ray-me). This is one of the strongest and oldest fibers, anti bacterial, very similar to linen, one difference is the silky lustrous feeling. 

Ancient Egyptians favored this material, then used it in their mummification process to preserve because it seriously lasts for forever.  I use fibers like this because this brand is advocating quality over quantity with limited use of resources to protect the earth we live on, to think about forever, instead of just tomorrow. 

Cocosirens aims to spread awareness about ethical fashions and conscious consumerism. I think of all the humans exploited because of the fashion industry due to lack of ethical sourcing. This is where I'm proud to say I've partnered in working with artisans that craft in kind and clean conditions. And, using plant based lasting materials that oppose the profit over quality idea that most fast fashion companies follow. 

This creates a higher mission for me. Because things have not been easy or haven't gone as smoothly creating this brand. I've poured my heart and soul into every detail making sure it aligned with the overall mission statement. In my mind I've probably threw my hands up and given up multiple of times the process, but what kept me going was the understanding that there is a reason why this ignites a passion within me, and that it's about standing up for something. To stand up for what is right and kind. To leave this world a little better than you found it. 

That's My WHY, and I constantly remind myself. 

Here's a sneak peak at what's to come, soon online.

Thank you to everyone thats been supportive during this process.





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