TRUTH: Victoria Secret's Dirty Secret.

Did you know that the underwear you use can cause harmful or even deadly effects to your body? Pesticides and chemicals have been found in Victoria Secret bras and underwear. When I found this out, I was shocked. Because I've been buying my thongs from Victoria Secret for years. According to Natural Health 365, traces of toxic chemicals like formaldehyde have been found in VS bras and underwear. These types of chemicals so close to our lady parts disrupt hormones and even can cause infertility. SCARY!! Their lingerie containing traces of deadly and harmful chemicals are still being sold to unsuspecting women. This is why I had to create a eco fashion underwear line because I personally needed to replace all my underwear I had from Victoria Secret. This doesn't only affect the planet and environment, it goes directly into your body, being stored in fat cells. Studies have shown that human breast milk can store an overload of toxins from our environment, food, and our clothing, specifically underwear. 

CocoSirens intimates are made from Modal, a natural fiber and eco friendly supporting fabric that is silky smooth to the touch. No chemical dyes are present. I also made supporting bras with no underwire. Underwire bras cut off circulation, causing blockages that create painful lumps underarms or in the breast themselves. 

Think about it. Your skin is the biggest organ that is highly absorbent. Whatever it comes in contact with can be taken in and affect your bodily functions. So you want to be very conscious on what type of clothing and undergarments you are buying. Please do you research and read up on this topic. Greenpeace classified Victoria's Secret as a “Detox villain,” meaning the company had "little or no policy or program for chemicals management, and no commitment to zero discharges." Specifically, hormone-disrupting phthalates were found in underwear purchased from the retailer in the United States.

Even Miranda Kerr has questioned her contract wit the villain company. Miranda Kerr is the most famous face, and figure, of Victoria’s Secret but it appears she’s may have been forced to reconsider her relationship with the lingerie brand, following a report by Greenpeace that has exposed its manufacturing methods. 

By being a conscious consumer, you vote with your dollar and take back your power on directing the fashion industry what you as the consumer wants. 

Personally my body is a temple and my yoni is a queen. More tips on taking care of your lady parts are as follows; sleep naked with no underwear, use organic tampons or a diva cup, try to switch from birth control to an alternative and more natural method. There are thermometers you can purchase now that tell you when you are fertile and infertile. Self love and self care are essential for the Modern Woman. 

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