About us



CocoSirens envisions to be a brand and blog that provides conscious ideas and products made from organic material that is sustainable and mindful of nature. Using materials such as bamboo, hemp, and organic chemical-free cotton. We are aiming to be a mindful eco-conscious brand supporting environmentalism and local artisans. 

Come to find conscious thoughts and products that are expressed and created with the goal of promoting ethical fashion and conditions to make positive impact on the environment and the wearer. Here will be provided sustainable clothing and products that won't have you compromise your values or your style.



Courtney Arndt is a vegan model/actress with a decade of experience in the fashion and entertainment industry. With her behind the scenes perspective came many truths of the fashion industry and the origins of mass produced clothing made to defraud the consumer with only profits in mind. After personally searching for eco and body conscious clothing that made a woman feel sexy in her own skin and felt soft to the touch she was inspired and motivated to produce such a product of her own. Follow her on this journey of traveling, creation and art, and new experiences.

  • Located in HAWAII / BALI / LOS ANGELES
  • @cocosirens